I hate when I wait too long to write a blog and now there’s so much going on I don’t know where to start, the here and now is always the best place. So at the moment I am in Columbus Georgia on my North American tour. It was a slow start in Florida but lots of work here in Columbus. And I am about to travel to North Carolina and then to Colorado. The trip has been amazing, I have enjoyed all the art I am doing on amazing people. But I cant wait get home. Home is where the story is at. I have opened Center of Mystic Arts, a retreat for artists, mystics, seekers, and travelers. I already have had amazing people cone through and I have people on the calendar who will be coming to stay when I return. I have big plans for a podcast that I am very excited about which will start as soon as I return. I have truly found my calling and I have found a way to live my life in the most fulfilling way for myself and for those around me. It took a lot of practice daily meditations, yoga, prayer and an unwavering trust. I have learned what notes to play and when to play them. Raising my daughter Sophie has been the greatest pleasure, she is who I am doing all of this for.